Hanging Signs and Equipment

Hanging Signs and Equipment

Hanging Signs Series 100 / 200


– Robust plastic frame (suitable for industrial purposes)

– AR coated cover (can be scanned)

– Available in all customary DIN formats

– Use in portrait or landscape format



Accessories for Hanging Signs Series 100/200


Tube Clamp (for PKR-CL-AP)



– white plastic Tube Clamp for attaching Hanging Signs to tubes with a diameter of 23-28 mm

– for use with Parallel Adapter PKR-CL-AP


Parallel Adapter


p116-acc2• Parallel Adapter for fixing the white plastic clip on the Hanging Signs (PKR-CL-RKW)


Square Mounting


p116-acc2transparent plastic snap to create square mountings

Triangle Mounting


p116-acc3triangle transparent plastic mount for creating triangle mountings


Swivel Magnet


p116-acc5• transparent plastic holder with magnet assembly and 360 degree rotation

  • holds approximately 6 lb of weight


Clamp Holder


p116-acc6• white plastic Clamp Holder for use with T-Piece to attach Hanging Signs to pipes, baseboards, etc.


T-Piece (& PKR-CH / 60mm)


p116-acc7• white plastic T-Piece 60mm for use in connection with Clamp Holder PKR-CH


Swivel Wall Mount


p117-acc1• transparent plastic Swivel Wall Mount with 360 degree rotation


Closing Clip


p117-acc2• transparent plastic Closing Clip prevents inlet from sliding out of the Hanging Sign


Swivel Hook


p117-acc3• transparent plastic hook with 360 degree rotation, lateral insertion of documents is possible


Swivel Loop


p117-acc4• transparent plastic Swivel Loop

• 360° rotatable, lateral insertion of documents is possible

Self-Adhesive Wall Mount


p117-acc5• transparent plastic self-adhesive Wall Mount


Box Clamp with Adjustable Angle


p117-acc6•transparent plastic Box Clamp for the mounting of Hanging Signs to folding/flat boxes of up to 20mm of material thickness


Grid Hook: Pair


p117-acc7Transparent plastic clip for mounting of Hanging Signs to wire grids of up to 10mm in diameter


Adapter Clip, magnetic and adhesive fixation



• Transparent plastic clip
• secures the PKR PKR-tube clip RK-28, the magnet PKR-MH
the self-adhesive PKRSKH-30


Round Tube Clip


p118-acc2• transparent clip for tube with a diameter of 28mm
• swivel
• Use with PKR-RCL


Magnetic Frame Holder


p118-acc3• magnet for any metal surface
• swivel
• Use with PKR-RCL-100


Self-Adhesive Frame Holder


p118-acc4• Fixing adhesive with high adhesion strength
• swivel
• Use with PKR-RCL


Tube Clamp


p118-acc5• Transparent plastic clip to attach hanging signs on tubes with a diameter of 28-35 mm


Swivel Frame Connector rotatable


p118-acc6• transparent plastic Swivel for connecting a series of Hanging Signs


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