Thanks to its flexibility, this guidance system can be used for any type of rolling base

• adapted to any diameter wheels and wide lanes
• Easy Installation
• yellow color makes them highly visible rails

With numerous connection options of modular aluminum profile system, the rack systems can be easily integrated into the structure of the FIFO station. You get so many possible combinations between the FiFo station and racking systems.

– Provision of light products in the shelf

– Provision of heavy products on wheel bases


Fifo Station Accessories


Left and Right Single End Cap



– helps to guide the dolly

– 3 holes for anchoring


Double End Cap



– helps to guide the dolly and allows the use of a aluminium profile (30 x 30)

– 6 holes for anchoring



Half-Rail Guideway



Half-rail guideway
– Other lengths up to max. 3000 mm on requestsold individually


Fifo Rail Adapter



– allows the assembly of two half rails


Exit End Caps Left and Right



Screw caps, covers and connectors

Half-Rail Connector

p203acc6– for additional fixing of long rails

End Caps Connector

p203acc7– simple connecting of two rails to support 45 x 30 mm profiles

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