ORGATEX adhesive floor markings have been designed to meet the current needs of companies for a high quality, long life product. Its design has been validated by numerous tests with professional forklift truck drivers in many industrial environments.

This floor marking is a perfect combination of thick, high quality PVC and a very strong adhesive. Using this product on industrial floors can meet almost every demand within old or new workshops and warehouses. Our floor markings are available in many different forms depending on the area to be equipped. Indeed, apart from the adhesive tape markings, ORGATEX offers various symbols to help you identify floor locations for pallets, machinery, or other wheelbased system. These markings can define large storage areas, as well as provide dedicated communication of saftey information.

In addition, ORGATEX floor markings, being a high quality product, can withstand very high traffic levels in both industrial or logistics environments.

Taking into account the changes required as parts of a continuous improvement programe, ORGATEX floor markings can be removed with ease: thick PVC pulls away easily (it does not split when taken off the ground) and the chore of removing many remaining pieces becomes a bad memory.

ORGATEX floor markings also innovate to solve the problem of scraping pallets, with its high strength product “Heavy Duty” (HD) which has a greater thickness and chamfered edges.