Container labels

ORGATEX® container labels are used in many areas of logistics and production, such as for storing order papers, Kanban cards, drawings or other important information. In a 5S process, each container must be clearly labelled. Particular attention should be paid to the attachment options for labels and Kanban cards. Existing inserts on the container should be used for labelling where possible. If there are no attachment options on the containers (small load carriers or large load carriers), operators must choose between a flexible/temporary attachment and a permanent attachment.

Overhanging visual pockets

In many cases, the containers offer no suitable surface on which to attach a label. Overhanging visual pockets can help here. The variety of attachment options and our wide range of unique accessories allow you to attach labels to almost any surface.

Self-adhesive visual pockets feature foam adhesive strips, while magnetic visual pockets with single, double or whole-surface magnets can stick to any ferrous surface.

Self-adhesive visual pockets

The self-adhesive visual pocket features strong foam adhesive strips on the rear side. The strong adhesive ensures secure attachment, even on uneven surfaces. From metal and wood to plastic and glass, the pocket is firmly attached and can even withstand heavy shocks.

Magnetic visual pockets

Our magnetic visual pockets are perfect for labelling lattice boxes and metal containers. Our visual pockets adhere to all ferrous surfaces, do not slip and can be quickly repositioned.

Labels and document holders

Our labels and document holders let you identify small containers, crates and plastic boxes quickly and easily.

The label holder is angled to make it easier to attach to plastic crates. The document holder is suitable for attaching material cards, item information and label pockets to wooden pallets and plastic crates.

The magnetic label holders can be used on any ferrous surface.

KANBAN Envelope

In this section, you can find perfectly fitting label holders and card pockets for small load carriers and euroboxes in a wide range of configurations. The high-quality PVC makes all our card pockets durable and scanner legible.