Overhanging visual pockets

Often, containers offer no flat and even surface to enable easy attachment of a label. Our wide range of accessories includes attachment brackets, clips, loop brackets and plastic pins.

KTB 3000 – The universal attachment bracket

The KTB 3000 universal attachment bracket allows you to attach labels to virtually any container. It is specially designed for lattice boxes or containers with walls of up to 4 cm in thickness. Not suitable for visual pockets with protective flap!

  • For hanging over container walls up to 4 cm thick
  • For insertion
  • Hardened spring wire steel


These two clips are ideal for attaching visual pockets to lattice boxes.

U-shaped clip

This clip helps secure visual pockets to thin edges.

MA2030 loop brackets

These large brackets are a universal attachment aid. They can be attached to all kinds of lattice, and can be inserted into cardboard, foil or other types of packaging.

MA2060 plastic pin

For insertion into soft materials such as cardboard, foil, plastic bags, etc.

MA2080 mini attachment bracket

Made from galvanised spring wire steel for A6 landscape and A5 portrait format. For inserting in, over or between cardboard boxes, containers and crates.

MA2090 container bracket

Made from black-coated spring steel with rounded corners for containers with walls up to 2 cm thick.