Floor markings

Today, floor markings are used in almost all areas of production and storage, as well as on transport routes. From vehicle routes, storage and parking locations and hall markings to industrial markings, evacuation and rescue routes, floor markings help clearly show the way.

Orgatex LongLife is a newly developed floor marking product made from premium plastic and featuring a special adhesive. Our floor markings stand out thanks to their extreme durability. They are “forklift proof” and can even withstand turns on the marking. They are self-adhesive and torsion resistant, and can be attached quickly and easily. They are suitable for all surfaces such as concrete, stone and metal, and are intended for indoor use only.

Our symbols help orientation. They are available for all areas, from pallet and storage areas to paths and restricted areas.

Marking types and

Whether used on walking routes, hazard zones or storage locations, the right marking increases workplace safety and makes compliance with regulations easier. Our products have set the standard in self-adhesive floor markings for years.

Examples of storage area markings

Here we provide examples of correct marking for functional and storage areas, along with colour selection and spacing.

Coloured labelling

Walking routes and storage areas should be coloured differently according to their function. This provides the following benefits:

  • Colour identification of storage areas provides an overview of goods availability. As the material should only be placed on clearly identified areas, it also helps reduce inventories.
  • Coloured marking of vehicle routes, pathways and hazard areas increases workplace safety and makes compliance with regulations easier.

Attaching floor markings

Here we provide some quick pointers that will help you correctly prepare the floor surfaces and attach the floor markings.