Processing temperature

The ideal temperature for attaching ORGATEX floor markings is between 18 °C and 25 °C. The marking is fully load bearing after approx. 12 hours once the self-adhesive surface of the floor marking has completely dried.

Do not overlap!

Floor markings should generally not overlap. The smooth surface prevents the floor marking from adhering properly, meaning the marking may come off at the point where it overlaps.

Clean substrate

The substrate must first be cleaned of any adhesive residues, dust and grease. The best way to do so here is to use our ORGATEX LongLife Remover to remove stubborn adhesive residues, and our ORGATEX LongLife Cleaner to thoroughly clean the substrate.

Affixing the floor marking

Next, remove the protective film from the floor marking and press the material onto the substrate. Continue in this manner, pulling off the protective film then affixing the marking. Repeat until complete before simply cutting off the film. We also offer the ORGATEX LongLife trimming system, which is the perfect tool for angles and special cuts. Once you have successfully affixed the marking, we recommend applying additional pressure to the film, ideally with a forklift truck.