Colour coding of floor markings

Walking routes and storage areas should be coloured differently according to their function. This provides the following benefits:

  • Colour identification of storage areas provides an overview of goods availability. As the material should only be placed on clearly identified areas, it also helps reduce inventories.
  • Coloured marking of vehicle routes, pathways and hazard areas increases workplace safety and makes compliance with regulations easier.
Line marking tape in red, blue, green, yellow, and white

Usual Colour Coding

Main and auxiliary routes in yellow
Width 75–100 mm

Finished material in green
Width 50–75 mm

Raw material/delivery/WIP in blue
Width 50–75 mm

Reject/missing parts in red
Width 50–75 mm

Hazard areas in black and yellow
Width 50–75 mm

Empty containers in blue and white
Width 50–75 mm

Other areas in white
Width 50–75 mm

Warehouse floor tape icons