Different configurations for every purpose

Whether used on walking routes, hazard zones or storage locations, the right marking increases workplace safety and makes compliance with regulations easier. Our products have set the standard in self-adhesive floor markings for years.

We supply our floor markings in three different configurations for virtually every application. A range of colours allows users to mark different routes and areas, as well as increase the visibility of available storage areas.


Orgatex LongLife floor markings are made from a premium, torsion-resistant plastic. They are supplied as a rolled strip and can be easily attached directly from the roller. The marking can withstand being driven over by forklift trucks, is extremely abrasion resistant and has a high adhesive strength.

LongLife Heavy Duty “HD”

Orgatex LongLife Heavy Duty floor marking, also known as LongLife HD, is designed for areas with high wear and tear. It is available in normal and rounded configurations. We also offer a wide range of blanks here.

LongLife module

The LongLife module is an extremely robust marking panel for block storage and other high-load areas. The module is made from a premium, break-proof plastic and features a special adhesive, making it extremely tough.