Material supply

The high level of variation in modern production requires reliable material supply. Station systems, also known as supermarket systems, ensure precise material supply within the material flow according to the first in/first out principle.

The function of the station or supermarket system is similar to that of a continuous flow rack. The fill levels are clearly visible, allowing logistics staff to top up and supply goods precisely, and pre-pick the required production quantity. This allows assembly workers to concentrate on their job without having to worry about parts supply.

The individual lanes within the station are labelled, in order to ensure clear allocation of the material during feeding, filling and removal.

Continuous rolling material supply offers the following benefits:

  • Lower inventories
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower space requirements
  • Lower handling requirements

FIFO monorail systems

Our monorail system gives you excellent flexibility when planning your station.

FIFO station system

Ensures precise material supply. Our FIFO station system is suitable for permanent installation and all castor widths.

Parking slot

Parking slot are used to supply the required dollies with the material needed in the workplace. Their special shape prevents the dollies from rolling away.