FIFO monorail system

The FIFO monorail system consists of rails measuring 40 mm and 55 mm for different dolly castor widths. Thanks to the flexible lengths and widths, the system can be expanded to suit your needs, even after installation. For safety reasons, we recommend using a brush brake. The advantage here is the automatic resistance (no need for manual unlocking), which effectively prevents the dollies from accidentally rolling out.

FIFO monorail labelling

The standardised labelling of station systems ensures that rolling units are clearly allocated. This helps prevent incorrect picking, and makes feeding and removal much simpler. The bar has a height of 210 cm in order to prevent head impacts.

FIFO monorail brakes

The dollies are braked by the resistance of the brushes.

  • No accidental rolling into transport and production areas
  • Low wear
  • No need to unlock when removing
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Adjustable brake strength
  • Suitable for 40 mm and 55 mm monorails