Rail system for all castor widths

The rails of the FIFO system are secured to the floor using adhesive, with the end caps screwed directly to the floor. The castors on the dollies touch the floor. The rounded edges and signal colour increase safety (trip hazard). This flexible system is suitable for almost all rolling material carriers.

  • Suitable for all castor diameters and lane widths
  • Easy to assemble
  • Coloured rails for signalling

Integrating an aluminium profile in the guide rails makes it easy to customise the system, such as for enclosures or providing information. Installing gates can help limit the maximum number of containers on the supply rails.

Rubber castors

Dollies with rubber castors are moved in and out on one side (left or right). This makes it easy load and move the dollies in the FIFO station.

Plastic castors

When using dollies with plastic castors, the dollies must be guided along the outer edge of the castors to prevent rocking.