The aluminum parking bay

These aluminum floor rails are available in a variety of lengths to precisely fit the size of the dolly. The parking slot enables precise material supply within the material flow.

It ensures that dollies with their containers are precisely positioned and available in the workplace and therefore save space. The shape of the parking slots prevents the dollies from rolling away accidentally. The aluminum parking slot can be fitted with coloured stickers, in order to increase the signal effect for example.

Range of heights and widths

The parking bays are available in two heights and a range of widths.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Precise material supply
  • Extremely robust
  • Simple attachment
  • Clear allocation
  • Prevents dollies from accidentally rolling away when filling (or removing material)

The plastic parking bay

In contrast to normal parking bays, the newly developed KU parking bay is designed for simultaneous use of dollies with different castor diameters.

It is a simple tool for compactly positioning dollies and preventing them from accidentally rolling away without the need for brakes.

  • Can be used to store multiple dollies with different castor diameters
  • Strong industrial adhesive allows for quick installation
  • Optical warning effect
  • Easy to shorten