Material transport

Internal material supply, such as for long supply routes. Tugger trains are becoming increasingly important thanks to the increasing demand for flexible material supply. The main focus here is on simultaneously transporting different-sized containers (quarter, half and full-sized europallets). The best solutions here vary according to the route. Dollies and shelf trolleys are commonplace, as well as taxi trolleys for longer routes. These solutions also allow empty containers and packaging to be supplied and removed simultaneously.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced traffic volumes
  • Scheduled material supply
  • Lower inventories in production
  • Forklift-free production
  • High supply reliability
  • Simultaneous supply of a wide range of container sizes, mix of dollies, shelf trolleys and taxi trolleys
  • Empty containers/packaging transported simultaneously with new material


Dollies are made from galvanised steel and have two or four swivelling castors. Configurations with ESD castors are suitable for use in ESD areas. Adding a drawbar makes the dolly suitable for use in tugger trains. This is perfect for delivering goods quickly to where they are needed. Thanks to their size and flexibility, the dollies are a much more space-efficient alternative to pallets and are also quicker to replace. This makes them the perfect tool for reducing internal batches to a minimum.

Shelf trolleys

Our shelf trolleys are used for the internal flow of materials. They have the same platform as the pallet dolly and are suitable for use in tugger trains. The containers are placed on the shelves, which are fully height adjustable thanks to the holes in the frame. The castors feature a foot guard and parking brake to ensure precise positioning. The frame is specially designed to ensure that the europallet dimensions are maintained inside. The shelf trolley is also available in ISO dimensions.

Adapter pallet

The adapter pallet has been specially designed for holding, storing and transporting dollies.

Taxi trolley

We have added the taxi trolley to our product range to respond to the increasing use of tugger trains in material supply.  The taxi trolley ensures supply and removes the need for additional aids for handling between the logistics train and the assembly location, such as forklift trucks or pallet jacks.