Taxi trolley

We have added the taxi trolley to our product range to respond to the increasing use of tugger trains in material supply.  The taxi trolley ensures supply and removes the need for additional aids for handling between the logistics train and the assembly location, such as forklift trucks or pallet jacks. The taxi trolley can easily transport up to 3 dollies measuring 400 x 600 mm simultaneously. The plastic strips screwed to the base of the taxi trolley let you precisely position the dollies. The screw connections allow for flexible adjustment, making it possible to fit different-sized dollies on the trolley. The rubber bumpers on the side ramps provide a secure grip, prevent the dollies from rolling around, and ensure safe transportation by preventing sudden weight shifts when travelling around corners. The access ramps on both sides can be locked and unlocked with one hand using the interlock system. The trolleys can be loaded and unloaded on both sides.  Thanks to the low ground clearance and the recess between the ramp and the taxi floor, the dollies stay in position during unloading and are prevented from accidentally rolling out. The rubberised fixed and swivelling castors are specially designed for tugger trains, and ensure quiet, vibration-free transport.

Warehouse storage system

Technical data and info

  • Transportation of dollies across long distances
  • Loading and unloading on both sides
  • Maximum load 750 kg
  • Extremely low ground clearance
  • Access ramps operated via hand lever (interlock system)
Storage system with wheels