Storage labelling

Modern corporate organisation structures place ever greater demands on materials handling and logistics. Businesses can only maintain and build on their competitiveness if they coordinate their internal processes efficiently and consistently. Creating a well-structured overview in the business is essential here. This requires clear and precise labelling of shelves and storage locations.

This clarity allows logistics staff to quickly identify storage locations and move goods in and out of storage. It also optimises routes to ensure smooth material supply. This helps reduce delays and throughput times in logistics and production.

Materials handling can therefore be controlled in a cost-efficient manner and make a significant contribution to overall cost reduction. Thanks to our many years of experience, we at ORGATEX can offer a wide range of products for labelling shelves and storage locations.

Self-adhesive label holders

Self-adhesive insert label holders are particularly well suited for fixed storage locations and variable items. Our Quick-Label insert label holders are attached to shelves, pallets and containers using a foam adhesive. The foam adhesive helps compensate for uneven surfaces, such as those on wooden pallets. The sturdy transparent holder is open on the sides and top, making it easy to insert and remove labels.

It also makes scanning the barcode easy. The Quick-Label insert label holders are available in a range of standard formats for different-sized labels.

Magnetic label holders

Magnetic insert label holders like our Standard Label are ideal for varying storage locations. The transparent label holder is scanner legible and open on three sides, allowing you to change labels quickly and easily.

We recommend using coloured labelling to identify individual product groups or areas. This optical differentiation allows logistics staff to locate the shelves and storage locations more quickly.

Flex Sign

Alongside the Quick-Label, we also offer the Flex Sign label holders, which are secured to the shelf with two plastic clips. The flexible plastic clips ensure secure attachment when inserting and removing goods. They offer protection against impacts from forklift trucks, for example, as the label holder can spring back to its original position.  This label holder is especially well suited to identifying shelf levels.

Tube label holders

Tube label holders are suitable for all tubular shelving systems. Their ergonomic shape means they do not protrude, but form a uniform profile with the shelf. The transparent label holder is open to the sides and top, allowing the card inserts to be replaced quickly and easily. The grip points on the inner side grip both round and profiled pipes.