Correct labelling for warehouses and shelves

In order to determine a unique storage location, each location is labelled with at least three coordinates:

  • Shelf row
  • Longitudinal position
  • Shelf level

Labelling the shelf row

To ensure easy orientation, many warehouse operators place large signs on the front of the shelf row displaying a number for that row. Our frames are made from tough plastic and are perfect for holding labels here.

Labelling the shelf bay

This overview can be improved further by also labelling the shelf bay. Our Flexschild flexible label holders are perfectly suited to labelling the shelf bay. Thanks to their flexibility, they are protected against even hard impacts such as those from a forklift truck.

Coloured labelling

The final element is the identification of the shelf space or storage location level. In the image, you can see that the storage location is labelled with a flexible sign. It is securely attached and can withstand impacts and shocks, such as when inserting a pallet. The row above can be labelled with either a flexible magnetic label or a permanent, self-adhesive one.