Special size, design and printing

We create visual boards with in-house solutions according to your specifications. With regard to the design, you have the option of adapting standard products in design and size to your requirements, or designing an individual board together with our specialist department. An idea is turned into a hand-drawn sketch, from which a dimensionally accurate technical drawing is created before production takes place following your approval. There is no limit to you expressing your individuality.

Whiteboards: We print whiteboards individually in-house, e.g. using a matrix or tables. Protected behind a coating, these boards are also protected against daily writing/wiping or board cleaner liquids.

Headers: We design and plot headers directly according to your requirements. Corporate standards for uniform visualization are stringently adhered to. Company logos, department names or area descriptions are protected behind a film and integrated into the headline profile.

Visual boards

All the important information at a glance

Visual boards are perfect for displaying key performance indicators and other information at a central location in the workplace. These practical aids can help you keep a clear overview of all the information important to your business. The boards can fulfil a wide range of functions, depending on the information displayed. They can show information, instructions or key performance indicators.

Wall-mounted board

Wall-mounted boards have a range of properties. They can be written on with standard pens and erased, and can also be used as magnetic boards. They help clearly display information and key performance indicators, and can be used directly in the workplace.

Free-standing board

Identical configuration to wall-mounted boards, with stand and castors to ensure flexible use.


Perfect for use in areas where space is at a premium. Whether fixed, on castors or rotating, it provides space for information in tight areas.

CIP board

CIP (continuous improvement process) is a complete management technique with methods and tools.

Visual Management

Custom board production

From query to finished product.