From query to finished product

At ORGATEX, we are used to being innovative and listening to our customers. Anyone looking for more proof of this principle need only take a glance at the heart of our business. Here we follow every step of the production process for a modern planning board, from the drawing to the finished product.

“We always produce the right board”

Looking for a planning board? Then you have come to the right place. Our staff are trained to make your individual wishes reality. Every order makes our work more interesting. At our workshop in Langenfeld near DĂĽsseldorf, everything can change in the space of a second.

Meets your needs

Whatever type of product you need, picking up the phone is the first step towards improving processes in your business. Whether you need a control board for production, or a board to display key figures and information, we are always able to develop the right solution with our modular system.

What makes us special is that all our boards are tailor made to order. Our technical staff work in close cooperation with our customers every day. We see ourselves as engineers. Customised production is our bread and butter.

We precisely measure the production halls of our customers and survey staff about their routines. All you have to do is tell us whether you want a greyboard or whiteboard. Both variants are magnetic. The constantly growing demand for custom products is no big surprise to us. Any expert will tell you that production space is valuable.


Every time a customer calls, a creative process begins that provides enough space for tailored boards and ingenious developments. The first question is always: how much space is available? One thing that everyone agrees on is the need to get the most of the “factory corner”, as it is now known at major companies. But our job does not end here.

In principle, anything is possible in the planning phase, from your ideal dimensions to integrating your company logo and other specific elements. We also often include an additional light source. If the customer wishes, we can even integrate monitors.

In our experience, we have always found it helpful to record our production in detail. Before beginning a new project, we simply show new customers our best models. Our photo archive contains images of hundreds of boards and cubes. It is a varied group of planning panels that can be swivelled or folded shut.


The technical drawings that we produce based on our boards and cubes are already extremely precise. They are useful resources in the offer and planning phases. Once the customer has accepted the drawing, we move on to discussing further details. But why this painstaking preparation?

Our technical experts explain it like this: “We want to be able to say afterwards that we did everything we could.” For larger projects, we also create 3D drawings or build prototypes. For us, the aim is to provide the customer with a precise image of their product.

They can then rest assured without the need for a feasibility or stability check, as this is taken care of by our colleagues in the workshop. Whatever the situation at the end of the planning phase, we discuss the suggestion with the customer on site.

Our experts visit the location where the board will be used, and ensure that they really do have the best solution. We do not touch a single tool until the customer is completely happy. Only now does the real work begin.

From production…

We have dedicated ourselves to visual management for over forty years. In that time, we have developed boards for family-run companies and large corporations alike. As ORGATEX has a reputation as a specialist in the field, we receive a steady stream of interesting requests. Anyone who calls us knows that they are not looking for a standard product. What we do is a craft. Our integrated production halls are home to many patents. At ORGATEX, we combine experience with a spirit of ingenuity.

…to delivery

What do we do that no one else can? “We put our heads together and find a solution”, is the answer from our workshop staff. 20 to 30 planning boards leave our production facility in Langenfeld every week. We adjust our business processes to the needs of our customers. We only create a final offer once the customer has approved the drawing, and begin production right after approval. If you need us, we can remain in constant contact with you during production. And whatever we construct for you, you will always have the same contact partner.

While your board is being produced in the workshop, our in-house printing shop gets to work. Here, we produce the custom headers with company logo and all the necessary descriptions, all in line with the customer’s corporate identity.

The seal of approval

At ORGATEX, all of our staff are used to meeting the high quality levels German businesses demand. Right from the planning stage, we make sure that all downstream processes are right. The products that leave the workshop at the end of the day are all in the ORGATEX quality that our customers know and love. Our staff say: “We sell peace of mind.” After a final check, we attach the 3D ORGATEX seal of quality to every product we make. This stands for quality “Made in Germany”.

Packaging and delivery

Products are delivered fully assembled and with transport-proof packaging. For larger projects, we also provide continued support and consultation. Should the customer experience any unexpected problems or require modifications, we are ready. Our customers always tell us that the investment in our products quickly pays off in improved performance. Nowadays, hardly any company can do without planning boards. We are benefiting from the trend towards greater structure and standardisation. If you need any more evidence, take a look at our customer list. What can we do for you?