Cardplan Magnetic Strip


Cardplan – Inserting System; Magnetic Sheet, to screw

  • Usable with a plate height of 1085 mm, sold per set. One set contains 2 pieces with screws and Allen key ready for assembly K2-BLM4 – mounting strips for Cardplan with board width 250mm with 4 neodymium magnets K5-BLM6 – mounting strips for Cardplan with board width 500mm with 6 neodymium magnets


Fixing strips for Cardplan with strong neodymium magnets to attach the Cardplan to magnetic surfaces. The choice of fastening strips depends on the board width. Fastening strips for card plan with a board width of 250mm or 500 mm.

Dimensions (ca.): 244 x 40mm (H x W); Material / Colour: Metal sheet, zinc-plated
Version: for 250mm Boards (W); 2 Sheets with 4 high performance Magnets (rubberised)