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FiFo Monorail – 55 mm wheels

FiFo Monorail – 55 mm wheels

FiFo Monorail – 55 mm wide wheels

FiFo lanes and identication lanes created as required. Monorails for the 55 mm wheels are reinforced with steel and can be used with very heavy loads.

  • Dollies fit easily into the guide chanels
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Extensible in the length and width
  • Different widths depending on the lane width carriage


BBR Brake

The trolleys are braked by the brush bristles.

  • Prevents dollies exiting the rails unexpectedly
  • Minimal wear om hardwear
  • No release required to exit the trolley
  • Installation can be done retrospectively
  • The braking degree is adjustable
  • For use with Monorails 40 mm and 55 mm

Item number: MONO-BBR-200



End Caps

  • End caps Black PVC with steel reinforcement on the bottom face, greatly facilitate the insertion of a trolley in a channel.Sold individually or in packs of 10

Item number: MONO-BP-55-EK



FiFo-Monorail Protection

  • Steel protective element, it helps protect the tips in black PVC. Necessary for the use of rails with very large loads.Sold by pack.


Item number: MONO-EK-AS




Floor Anchoring Plate

Fixing bracket for screwing the rails directly to the ground.

Sold in packs of 2.

Item number: MONO-HB




Spacer Plates

These plates are used to maintain the distance between two rails and also when the rails are of different lengths. They allow mounting without affecting the floor surface.

Available in 400 mm and 800 mm, depending on the width of your dolly.

Sold in packs of 2 (screws included).

Item numbers: MONO-VB-2, MONO-VB-800, MONO-VB-W45


Connecting Brackets

Connector to connect two rails in series, thus achieving a desired length of track

Item number: MONO-SV-100





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