FIFO monorail rail end cap protector



Monorail – FiFo-Station System; Collision Bumpers, to screw on

  • For easy screw connection to rail and floor
  • Protects the end cap against damage, such as from dollies
  • Not suitable for attachment to self-adhesive monorail rails


The FIFO monorail steel end cap protector provide an additional protection against collision with e.g. forklifters. The set consists of left and right protector Including mounting parts.

Dimensions (Single Piece): 23 x 52 x 240mm (H x W x L); Material / Colour: Sheet, galvanized
Version: 2 Pieces (1 x left / 1 x right) incl. 2 Screws (M6x12) and 2 Hammer Nuts each Set

Order Unit: 1 SET
Packing Amount: 1