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Primus View Box

Primus View Box

Primus View Box

Suitable for warehouse, workshop, production or office areas.

Height and width can be arranged as required. Extension and rearrangement are possible at all times. You can arrange clusters according to subject matter or mount individual modules, etc. If extension is needed, remove the end cover plate and arrange extension modules as required.

All modules can be rearranged, subdivided or extended vertically or horizontally. Each column can be stabilised by including an extra angle at the bottom edge.


  • Visible edge of 45 mm in height for optimal overview.

Robust Material

  • Long lasting, powder coated steel: neutral colour; light grey is suitable in all environments.

Large Capacity Box = 15 mm
Sufficient for approximately 120 sheets of paper

For additional support of bottom edge we recommend the use of an extra angle.

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