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Accessories for Series 200 Hanging Sign

Accessories for Series 200 Hanging Sign

Series 200 Accessories

Adjustable Frame Holder - PKR-RCL-200

Item number: PKR-RCL-200

  • Transparent frame holder with spindle holder, allows rotation

10 piece packs

Twin Holder - PKR-CL-FS-200

Item number: PKR-CL-FS-200

  • Transparent plastic Twin-Holder for 3 sided or 4 sided Hanging Sign display

10 piece pack

Swivel Magnet - PKR-CL-MAD-200

Item number: PKR-CL-MAD-200

  • Transparent plastic holder with magnet assembly and 360 degree rotation
  • Holds approximately 2.8 kg/6 lbs of weight

10 piece packs

Self-Adhesive Wall Mount - PKR-CL-WH-200

Item number: PKR-CL-WH-200

  • Transparent plastic, self-adhesive Wall Mount for affixing Hanging Signs to a wall

10 piece packs

Closing Clip - PKR-CL-VS-200

Item number: PKR-CL-VS-200

  • Transparent plastic Closing Clip prevents inlet from sliding out of the Hanging Sign frame

10 piece packs

Swivel Loop - PKR-CL-OED-200

Item number: PKR-CL-OED-200

  • Transparent plastic Swivel Loop with 360 degree rotation for suspending the Hanging Signs

10 piece packs

Swivel Wall Mount - PKR-CL-SHD-200

Item number: PKR-CL-SHD-200

  • Transparent plastic Swivel Wall Mount with 360 degree rotation to mount Hanging Signs to walls

10 piece packs

Series 100 & 200 Accessories

Round Tube Clip - PKR-RK-28

Item number: PKR-RK-28

Transparent clamp for round tube, optimal for round tubes of 28 mm diameter

10 piece packs

Magnetic Frame Holder - PKR-MH

Item number: PKR-MH

Transparent magnetic frame holder, compatible with all ferrous metals/li>

10 piece packs

Self-adhesive Frame Holder - PKR-SHK-30

Item number: PKR-SHK-30

Transparent self-adhesive frame holder, high adhesive performance on most flat surfaces

10 piece packs

Steel Tube - PKR-R28

Item number: PKR-R28

Silver grey Steel Tube includes black PVC end caps, length 2420 mm, ø 28 mm

Sold individually

Connector for Steel Tube - PKR-RV28

Item number: PKR-RV28

PVC Connector with metal core allows to connect steel tubes

Sold individually

S-Hook - PKR-SHK

Item number: PKR-SHK

Metal S-Hook to use with chain for the suspension of Hanging Signs

10 piece pack

Ceiling Magnet with Hook - PKR-DM50-02

Item number: PKR-DM50-02

White Ceiling Magnet with Hook for suspending Hanging Signs with weight capacity up to 12 kg/26.45 lbs

Sold individually

Coil Chain - PKR-KK

Item number: PKR-KK

Metal Chain for use with S-Hooks to suspend Hanging Signs

Coil length = 30m

Ceiling Clip - PKR-DK

Item number: PKR-DK

White plastic Ceiling Clip with 4 mm eyelet for use with S-Hooks and Chain to suspend Hanging Signs from false ceiling metal channels

10 piece pack


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