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Note holder system to accommodate kanban cards or any other document.

With this system it is possible to assemble the Systembox “block” or “cascade” to create rows and columns as needed.


Wall Mount

  • Wall Mounts have holes for wall mounting.
  • The Systemboxes are attached to the Wall Mount in 1 or 4 rows.

Item number: SYSB-WH-1, SYS-WH-4







Wall Bracket

With this Wall Bracket, the rear Systembox can be fixed to the wall.

Item number: SYSB-WH-U





Adjustable Bottom

  • Adjustable in 5mm increments
  • The Systembox can be adjusted to individual KANBAN card sizes.

Item number: SYSB-FH







Small Label Holder

Small label holder transparent plastic

Item number: SYSB-HE-35







Cardboard Labels

Cardboard Labels for small Holder

Item number: ET33-75K-**







Large Label Holder

Large label holder transparent plastic

Item number: SYSB-H-169







Cardboard Labels

Cardboard Labels for Large Holder

Item number: ET75-168K-**







Label Holder for Black Edge

Label Holder for Back Edge

Item number: SYSB-RS-120







Block Label

A device for closing a Systembox

Item number: SYSB-HE-35-SPERR







Time Indicator

Profile system to establish a timeline.

Item number: on request






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