Aluminium parking slot rail, High – High


Parking Slot System – High; Parking Slot, self-adhesive

  • Allows for precise positioning of rolling units
  • High/high configuration supports handling for medium weights
  • Can be used immediately thanks to industrial adhesive strip on rear side
  • Minimal installation work
  • Also available with LongLife floor marking for signal effect


Aluminium parking slot rail for precise material supply. Prevents dollies from rolling away when filling or removing material. The rear side is coated in a special adhesive for simple and durable installation. We do not sell this item over internet. For further information please contact us. 

Dimensions (Single Rail): 11 x 77 x 1200mm (H x W x L); Material / Colour: Aluminium,
Version: full surface foam adhesive tape; 2 Single Rails = 1 Parking Slot