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ORGATEX, AirLean Systems
Leader in Lean and continuous improvement tools for industry, logistics and administration.

For more than 40 years, ORGATEX has designed and manufactured products in the field of visual information management for industry, logistics, and administration. Our expertise and wide range of products allows us to provide bespoke efficient solutions for any business, using the following approaches:

Display for logistics and industry, Visual Identification, Adhesive Floor Marking, Interior signage for continuous improvement and Visual Factory.

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40 years of experience

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ORGATEX has developed an exceptional range of visual management products, perfectly designed for Lean initiatives. We offer a comprehensive range of products, specifically suited for the following methodologies:



Our experience and expertise ensures our products are of the highest standards. Browse the categories of products below, or alternatively download our entire catalog.

Social Distancing

ORGATEX has developed a special range of products to offer your employees guidance as part of “social distancing“.

Our portfolio of floor signs, floormarking, symbols or information displays offers a wide range of uses and assists with maintaining safety and awareness in your company.

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