Lean Management Solutions

ORGATEX are leaders in Continuous Improvement, Visual Management & 5S solutions. We have 50 years of experience designing and developing high-quality products to improve work processes for a range of sectors across industrial, manufacturing and logistics groups.

ORGATEX, with its wide variety of Lean products, ranging from Material Flow to Container Labelling to our highly durable Floor Markings, provides innovative and robust solutions to many problems seen throughout the implementation of Lean & 5S.

Floor Marking

Orgatex Floor Marking solutions are ideal for organising warehouses and industrial workspaces such as loading bays.

Floor Signs

Our Self-adhesive Floor Signs are designed for longevity and adhesive strength. Ideal for industrial workplaces.

Visual Management

We design and manufacture Visual Management Solutions, such as Visual Management Boards and Insert Boards.

Visual Management Display Solutions

ORGATEX is the market-leading supplier of visual management boards in the UK, offering customers a comprehensive range of visual communication solutions that meet a company’s demands in the visual communication field.

ORGATEX designs and manufacturers bespoke magnetic and writeable Visual Boards, Cubes and Prisms which can be used in conjunction with our accessories such as Magnetic Windows or Magnetic Ring Binders and Flip-Mag to effectively display information in key areas.

Visual Management is achieved by a set of visual indicators, means, and
procedures that are strategically situated in a production area to be as visible as possible and to allow for daily changes. Visual boards are ideal for displaying key performance indicators and other information at a central location in the workplace.

These practical aids can help you keep a clear overview of all the information important to your business. The boards can fulfil a wide range of functions, depending on the information displayed. They can show information, instructions or key performance indicators.

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Visual Management

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Featured Products

Container Labelling

ORGATEX® container labels are used in many areas of logistics and production. In a 5S process, each container must be clearly labelled. Explore our range here.

Hanging Signs

ORGATEX® frames are sturdy visual tools that display on both sides to identify storage spaces. The robust plastic ensures resistance, which is important in industrial facilities.

Storage Bin Labels

Whether magnetic or self-adhesive, coloured or transparent, we have the right shelf labels for any purpose. Our magnetic sheetings guarantee a secure hold on all ferrous surfaces.

FIFO Management by Orgatex

FIFO Management (First in First out) ensures the “oldest” components are used up first in the production schedules, essential where components have a maximum shelf life, but the scheduling of production can also be controlled using our bespoke FIFO stations.


Document Holders

Orgatex provides various solutions for displaying documents, securely and transparently with minimum effort.

The wide range of products allows documents to attach to metal, glass, plastic or all smooth surfaces.

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