LongLife Floor Marking Tape


High Traffic Floor Marking Tape; Tape, self-adhesive

Key Features

  • Easy tape application
  • Can withstand being driven over by forklift trucks
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding adhesive strength
  • Strong self-adhesive


The ORGATEX floor marking is made from premium plastic and has a powerful adhesive. It is perfect for identifying transit routes and storage spaces. As well as being great for safety floor markings and outlining working areas. The newly developed plastic surface makes the safety floor markings highly flexible, extremely durable, and resistant to wear. 

ORGATEX offers various colours to help you identify floor locations for pallets, machinery, or other wheel-based systems. These markings can define large storage areas, as well as provide dedicated communication of safety information. The roll measures 50 m in length.

Format / Tape Size: 100mm (W); Material / Colour: PVC, red

Version: 50m roll in self-dispensing carton


How should you apply floor marking tape?

First, plan out the areas you need to mark on your floor, and the designated colour to go along with that area. Measure your designated area to figure out how much tape you need. Once those steps are complete, simply use the tape as you would usually, and stick it to the ground. Try to avoid any air bubbles to ensure the tape doesn’t get caught. 

How do you remove floor marking tape?

Taking into account the changes required as parts of a continuous improvement program, ORGATEX floor markings can be removed with ease: thick PVC can simply be pulled away easily (it does not split when taken off the ground), and thrown away.