LongLife Floor Sign


LongLife Signs – Floor Marking; Floor Sign, self-adhesive

  • Made from PVC
  • Fully adhesive rear side
  • Increases safety in the workplace
  • Easy application
  • Outstanding adhesive strength
  • Tread proof
  • Can be driven over
  • Highly effective warning and information effect
  • Further symbols available upon request
  • Self-adhesive
  • Diameter: 400mm + 600mm


This PVC floor symbol features a fully adhesive rear side for outstanding adhesive strength. It is extremely durable and wear resistant, features an anti-slip surface and can be driven over. Our information and warning signs correspond to the standards and specifications of ASR A1.3.

Format / Size: 400mm (Ø); Material / Colour: PVC, blue/ white
Symbol: “Wear face mask” based on ASR A1.3
Version: surface structured

Order Unit: 1
Packing Amount: EA