Systembox Starter Set – Medium – Floor Standing


Systembox – Inserting System; Starterset M, Free-standing Board



Kanban boards help control production procedures. Using the Kanban method helps reduce inventories whilst simultaneously increasing delivery capacity. The Kanban starter set comes with a greyboard, Systemboxes, insert label holders, card inserts and attachment material.

Planning Board Support (with wheels) for up to 200 cards, consisting of:
1 x KS129-G
2 x K531-G, predrilled holes
1 x K230-G
200 pieces Systemboxes SYSB-07 (light grey)
200 pieces SYSB-HE-35 + cardboard inserts 2 pack (ET33-75K-01,04,05)
8 pieces SYSB-HE-169 + cardboard inserts 1 pack (ET75-168K-01,04,05)
20 pieces SYSB-HE-35-SPERR
2 pieces SYSB-WH-4
Wallmounting-set incl. screws 6 x M5 x 10, 6 x nuts M5, 6 x tooth lock washer
1 piece KN-SERM116
1 piece KAN-MW-A4H-04 + 1 piece KAN-MWH-A4H-04
1 piece KAN-MW-A4H-05 + 1 piece KAN-MWH-A4H-05
2 pieces angles SYSB-WH-U
Mounting kit for additional angle incl. screws 4 x M5 x 10, 4 x nuts M5, 4 x tooth lock washer

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